Hi and welcome to my blog.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself and my blog. My name is Dee I’m 23 years of age and a recent graduate. I was born on the sunny Caribbean island of Curaçao but I have been living in the Netherlands for a good 12 years now (time flies!!!). As someone who used to have the least bit of interest in everything fashion (and that shows because my old pictures are HORRIBLE. I’m surprised at how my love for fashion and beauty grew rapidly during my college years.

If I would have to pinpoint the biggest catalyst for this change, it would have to be my exchange in South Korea. After having spent almost half a year in a country where appearance really is #1, I came to realise how important clothing is in expressing yourself to the world. I started to wonder what my style and fashion communicated about me (at that time, my wardrobe communicated “seriously uninterested in fashion”) and what it really was that I wanted to tell the world with the way I dress.

About this blog

Before Style Memoires I had another blog, Wonderful World of Dee, in which I documented my journey through college. Having always been on the curvier side of life, styling myself was a challenge as I never knew wat looked good but what I did have, was a vision of how I wanted to look: Classy, chic and modern. When I looked at the big bloggers and Instagrammers I felt so envious of their fashion sense and style and honestly I was so shocked at how they always looked so effortlessly chic.

I started this blog, Style Memoires, in July of 2016 to show that you can be stylish and fashionable without a €5000 Gucci bag. In my quest to discovering and improving my personal style, I hope to inspire others along the way. Style isn’t a price tag, it’s an art, a mindset and a way of life; More than that, style is a journey. let’s travel together!

I LOVE hearing from people so don’t hesitate to hit me up on InstagramYouTubeLookbook or Facebook.

Remember, stay stylish


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