3 Spring styling tips – How to dress for Spring weather

Dress: Forever21 (similar here) |  Jeans: ZaraWhite shirt: Hema (only for Europe) | Camel Biker jacket: New Look  | Brown heels: H&M (similar here)

I don’t know about where you live, but here in the Netherlands Spring has a mind of its own. Some days it can be a hot Summery weather and the next it feels like December never left. It’s so hard to style an outfit in Spring because you never know what to expect. That is why I decided to share my 3 Spring styling tips with you lovely fashionistas. And luckily for me, sometimes the seasons and my closet come together in the most beautiful of ways.

For instance, in this case, they come together in the perfect Spring inspired outfit. Last year at the end of the summer season sale at Forever21 I bought this gorgeous flowy white minidress, thinking that I was going to take it with me on my vacation to Morocco. In the end, because of weight limits and respect for the Moroccan culture, I decided to leave it at home, and completely forgot I had it.

Fast forward 7  to 8 months later, I challenged myself to not buy anything for the entire month (failed at that by the way) and this led me to go through my storage to see what clothes I had stored away, and voilá I found this Spring-perfect gem again. Actually, I can advise you to look into your stored clothing at least twice a year since we tend to forget what we have in the shopaholic pursuit of buying new stuff.

Now to get to the good stuff: My 3 Spring styling tips

  1. Layering, layering, layering.

    Layers are great for unpredictable Spring weather changes since you can always take layers off when needed and still #slay like the best of them.
    Similar to the way I styled the leopard print maxi dress, I decided to layer this mini dress too. Also, to be completely honest the dress is just a bit too short for me to wear without anything underneath, and Dutch springs can still be quite cold and windy (can you say cold lady parts, plus the chance of flashing unsuspecting passersby??). Additionally, being more generously endowed on the top also meant that I had to keep this in mind because the low-cut cleavage was just a bit too revealing.

    A tip for the ladies like myself who were overly blessed by the cleavage deities: wearing a white short-sleeved shirt under the dress helps to keep the girls in place and decent while keeping the outfit light and flowy.

  2. Lighter colours bring Spring feelings even if the weather is not cooperating.

    A sure way to bring Spring into your wardrobe is by selecting Spring-like colours. Spring is all about pastels, flowers and new beginnings. Try bringing, these characteristics of Spring into your own life by going through your wardrobe and doing some Spring cleaning. Put away your heavier darker Winter pieces, and bring out the colours. If colour isn’t really your cup of tea, try adding some accent accessory pieces to your otherwise dark wardrobe.

    For this look, I went with neutral accessories in blossom and earth colours and a simple brown pair of heels, which I have to say is my most comfortable pair. This exact pair I bought quite a while ago at H&M so it’s sold out, but they have a similar pair in stock now.

  3. Denim is your best friend.

    Finally, my last Spring styling tip has to be denim. Actually, denim is an all-year staple and is definitely a must have in Spring. Next to keeping you warm, denim can be styled with almost any print and fabric, and comes in an array of shades. Following the previous tip, I chose a lighter shade of denim as to not weigh it down with dark colours. An added bonus is that the slim fit of the legs makes my legs look slimmer and dare I say… even a little sexy #legsfordays.

This style is super easy and really gets you into the Spring fever feeling, while still keeping you warm enough. Plus, this dress was just super fun to twirl in.

What are some of your favourite Spring styling tips?  Share your styling ideas in the comments below!