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Read on for the perfect gift idea and special giveaway just for you! 

L’amour fait passer le temps, et le temps fait passer l’amour.
Love makes the time pass, and time makes love pass.

Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year… It’s a new year and that means a whole new round of gift-giving has started. I am someone who loves to give special and unique gifts, especially on Valentine’s Day. The one problem with gift giving: I never know what to give! Especially when it comes to guys I draw blank. What do I give? For girls it’s easier, I can buy some jewellery, skin care, create a care package etc. etc. but most guys I know don’t go around wearing earrings and bangles.

Then it dawned on me, Time is something we all experience, we all lack and we all long for. It’s the most common denominator and the perfect gift, be it in the form of giving someone a great time (read experience) or actually giving them the gift of time (read watch). And even better… both men and women wear watches, so bye bye dilemma!

Over the past year, watches have become somewhat of a staple on social media. Especially Instagram is flooded with watches in all shapes, sizes and price tags. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while you’ve probably seen a fair share of my watch posts pass by.

A Unique Watch, the Perfect Gift

Like I said, I like special and unique gifts and that’s why I was ecstatic when I was approached by Jord Woodwatches to collaborate with them. It doesn’t get more unique than sustainable handcrafted, affordable wood watches. Wood is timeless, Wood is elegant, Wood is unisex. The fact that the watches come in a wide variety of colours and designs makes it the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. Check out Jord’s variety of styles for MEN and those for  WOMEN. Beautiful right?

I was sent this gorgeous Ebony and Gold watch to try out, and I have to say I’m in love. The sheer minimalistic simplicity and elegance of this watch blew my mind. It’s lightweight, doesn’t get cold on your arm in the winter, and the packaging is to die for. Imagine giving your Valentine a unique watch that comes in a custom made wood box, that you Engraved with ‘I LOVE YOU’ or ‘ BE MY VALENTINE’ #bestgiftever!

Now it wouldn’t be fair of me to just dangle the perfect Valentine’s Day gift in front of your nose and leave. So just for my readers, I managed to secure Instant $25-off Gift Cards for your next Woodwatch purchase. Even better….one lucky person will be receiving an ADDITIONAL $100-OFF code at the end of the contest! So everyone is a winner and one of you a double winner. This contest ends February 12, so hurry and get that discount, and get your Valentine a gorgeous and unique watch.





  • AmbraSimone

    I love the color of this watch! It’s so versitle, I would literally wear it everyday!

    • Hahaha I know right! I am literally wearing it every day. It’s so pretty I just can’t resist. Thank you for reading!

  • What a great idea for a male Valentine’s gift! I love the watch you chose. It’s so versatile and it goes with everything.


    • Thank you for reading! I’ve had it for a month now and I’m still in love with it. how was your Valentine’s Day?

  • Katerina Bruner

    These are such sweet gifts! Your post is just a dream, thank you so much for sharing, the custom would case is definitely the perfect touch.

    With love,


    • Thank you so much for reading! Yes, I agree the custom case is totally the way to go. I’ve had the watch for a month now and still loving it hahaha