The Flying Dutch Festival

Hello lovelies! The festival season has started and living in the country with the world’s biggest DJ’s means that I’m in for quite a treat. Although I have to admit I am not a huge fan of crowded festivals, ever since my first festival experience a few years ago, the concept has been growing on me. That is why I decided to celebrate my birthday at the Flying Dutch Festival this year.

I had an amazing time with my girls and saw some of the Netherland’s best (upcoming) DJs. It was an experience of a lifetime. Sadly I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures, because well… I was enjoying myself too much. But nevertheless, Since I received two compliments from complete strangers at the festival, I decided to share my outfit with you guys.

My Flying Dutch Festival Outfit

Now for the outfit! I DIY’ed the shorts from an old Zara jeans and put some iron-on patches. Literally, 15 min work and you’re done. I also decided on some fishnet stockings which I ordered from Asos. The white crop top was an old H&M buy. To finish off the look I used the same necklace-headband idea as I used in my New life-year resolutions post. Simple, easy and still stylish!.

What I’m wearing:

Oriental Print Kimono – Bershka (SOLD OUT) | DIY’ed patch shorts | Earrings – I AM Accessories | Necklace – I AM Accessories


the flying dutch festival outfit


  • Taylor Mosley

    #SCsister here! These shorts are too cute. I need them ASAP.

    • Hey there sister! Thank you for the compliment! you can buy similar ones at Asos now. I put the widget online so it’s super easy to find!