Kdrama Fashion Goblin Inspired

For those who know me personally, this will not come as a surprise, but I am ADDICTED to Korean dramas. Since my Exchange in Korea in 2013, I became hooked. One thing I love about Korea is the fashion. Korean fashion is an entity on its own. It’s a bit of high fashion, a bit of urban street and then just a dash of cutesy. Somehow it sounds weird, but the result is amazing.

Actually, I just finished watching the BEST Kdrama ever called Goblin or Tokkaebi in Korean. And when I say the best I really mean THE BEST. I should know since I’ve gobbled down about a hundred drama’s so far. Not only is the story line in this drama amazing, but the fashion is just to die for. Every episode was another pleasure for the eyes, so I decided to analyse the outfits and gain inspiration for my own looks.

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Goblin Outfit Analysis

If you watch the entire drama and look closely, you can see a trend throughout most of this drama. Both male and female outfits were constructed around turtlenecks, oversized coats and a healthy amount of layers. What is also noticeable is the usage of contrast. Dark basics and light top layers, or light basics and dark top layers. For a detailed analysis of each outfit per episode, Koreaboo.com has extensive analyses of each character’s fashion. Click here, here and here.

kdrama Goblin fashion

Kim Shin, also known as the Goblin ( actor Gong Yoo) sporting a 3-layer outfit with a turtleneck, and grey/black contrast. Classy yet simple. – TVN official Facebook page

Both the Grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook on the left) and Kim Shin (Gong yoo on the right) sporting that dark light contrast. Also Turtlenecks ftw. If you look closely you can see Lee Dong Wook layering black on black. -TVN official Facebook page

My Goblin fashion Outfits

Based on the Goblin turtleneck-oversized-layering formula I styled 2 outfits.

Outfit 1:

Olive maxi coat 2016 collection – Primark € 35,- | Light brown oversized, turtleneck sweater – Monki – €30,-| Vintage denim blouse – €2,-  from a vintage Kilo sale | Zara High waist Jeans €39,95 | Zara White Backpack €20,- | Bowler hat – €15,- H&M | Shoes –  Van Haren on Sale €17,-

Outfit 2:

Camel coat – Primark, 2015 collection €30 | White oversized cowl neck sweater – Monki on Sale – €8,- |  Zara High waist jeans €39,95 | Shoes – Van Haren on Sale €17,- | Zara City Bag 2016 collection – €25,- | Bowler hat – €15,- H&M

Korean dramas are a great source of inspiration. Also now you have a great excuse for binge-watching all those shows. After all, you’re ‘just’ doing research ;). Let me know in the comments below which outfit is your favourite, and of course, if you have Kdrama recommendations, I’m all ears.


See you next time fashion lovers!

  • Janel

    I love them both. I am not familiar with Korean drama, but I love the layering of those long coats and the turtle necks!!! Such a classy feel to both outfits. Right up my alley. Good post!!

    • Thank you so much for reading. After seeing that drama I got hooked on long coats and turtlenecks. Wear sneakers and it’s sporty chic, but some dressy flats or heel and it’s a whole different feel. I might just be hooked for life hahaha

  • Isabel Robertson

    In love with these looks! Both coats are stunning and I love the colours!

    Bella x