The time saving outfit for when you’re running late – Women’s Suit

So it happened again guys, I went to sleep way too late and woke up way too late (because sleep is holy). Of course I panicked, not knowing what to wear. SO I decided: I need a suit. Not just a suit but a casual female suit that I could dress down with sneakers, dress up with heels and of course put on in a jiffy. You might have seen it pass by on my Instagram story.

History of women’s suits

For centuries women were expected to wear heavy, full corset dresses. In these times modesty and propriety were key. But can you imagine having to put that on every morning? That’s also what the ladies in the 1920’s also thought, so they started wearing more masculine styles.

The iconic Katherine Hepburn was one of the first to fully embrace this style. In the years that followed more and more fashion houses hopped on to this bandwagon and started designing suits for women. In 1966 Yves Saint Laurent, created ‘le smoking’, a tuxedo suit specifically for women. Since this era, suits for women have become a standard.

le smoking YSL

Saving time with a suit

As a woman, wearing a suit saves time. Don’t get me wrong  love myself a good dress or a pair of jeans as you can see from my Lookbook video. However it takes me ages to decide on what I want to wear. A suit makes all of this so much easier.  You always know what to wear, and all you need to add is a shirt.

In fact Elite Daily Magazine published an article on the benefits on simplicity in style. They showed that the most successful people wear the exact same thing every day. By wearing similar clothes everyday these successful people combat what is called ‘decision fatigue’. Decision fatigue is a term to describe literally being mentally exhausted by having to make irrelevant choices every day. The theory states that If you had a uniform to wear you would have to make less irrelevant decisions early in the morning and then you would become more productive.

How I style my suit

So with that in mind I got myself a suit for those mornings when I’m late or just plain lazy (aka most mornings). It’s yellow, it’s bright and it’s like wearing summer on your body! I combine it with one of my go-to dark lipsticks for a sophisticated look, a basic neutral shirt and I’m ready to go! This casual women’s suit is from Zara and it also comes in a gorgeous shade of pink. Best of all…. the whole suit will only put you back 65 euros!

I wore this suit to work, wore it to a festival and I wore it shopping. If that isn’t versatile I don’t know what is. What is your go-to outfit?

Suit – Zara (Blazer & trousers) | Shirt – Vogue NL Magazine | Basic Grey shirt – Bershka | Black Mesh Top – Topshop | Black Bag – Primark | Black Bodysuit – Bershka | Shoes – Primark | Cup – Monki | Glasses – Aliexpress