Happy 24! adulthood & New life-year resolutions

That horrifying moment when you’re looking for an adult, then realize you’re an adult. So you look for an older adult, someone successfully adulting…an adultier adult.

Let me start off by saying YAY!! Happy early birthday to me! Tomorrow, I am turning 24 years old. I thank God for a new year with new chances.I have to say though, I thought 24 would make me feel different; Older, more confident and more successful. Thinking back, I can still remember my 14-year old self wanting to quickly become 24 so I could become the awesome person I always imagined I would be. Yet here I am at 24, still kind of feeling like that 14-year old.It’s amazing how we think that simply by having time pass without putting in effort will make things change.It starts out with: “everything will be better when I’m 18, 19, 2o and so on..”.

Then, suddenly you’re 24 years old and still not where you imagined you would be in life. This could be quite an overwhelming thought.For me, turning 24 and being on the verge of a new job, new life and new adventures signals a time for change. Change not just of external environment but also internally. I have to work to become the person I want to be.

So this year God willing, I will be working on living the life I want to live instead of waiting until I feel ready to live, love, create. This year will be a year of travelling, learning and creating. A year of not taking myself so seriously. A year of new adventures, such as going natural and cutting my hair short :o!

I’m happy, excited and just a little bit scared of what this new year of “adulthood” has in store, but I’ve decided to grab the bull by the horn. With these ‘new life-year’ resolutions, 24 just got a whole lot more interesting!

The outfit

Now, this wouldn’t be Style Memoires if I didn’t have an outfit to show. Since I will be celebrating my birthday, and newfound adulthood, Saturday at the Flying Dutch Festival, a festival-appropriate look is a must! The pants are traditional Thai pants, that my mom bought in Bangkok last week. She gave them to me as an early birthday present. The top is simply a scarf tied around the back, and the head jewelry is a necklace I bought at the Primark a few years ago. If you read my previous blog post, by this point you should directly be thinking CREATIVE STYLING!!

What are your resolutions this year, and how did you tackle adulting? Let me know down in the comments!

  • Meili Fisayo

    Happy birthday in advance to my Gemini girl. It’s our season

  • Funmi Alabi

    Happy Birthday Sweets! Loving your hair and the look.

    Funmi x