4 stylish Instagrammers to follow today

Hi lovelies! I thought I’d do a variation on my standard outfit posts by featuring a few of the influencers that inspire me on a daily basis. There are quite a few Instagram accounts that I follow daily and get inspired by, and honestly I’m always discovering new stylish accounts that are so visually appealing I can’t help but press that follow button. Because there are so many, I decided to make a series of it by sharing a few of my favourite Instagrammers to follow in 2017 every week. So if you’re looking for new inspiration, make sure to check back weekly for a shortlist of inspiring influencers. And of course, if you’re not following me on Instagram as yet, check out my feed right here.

My favourite Instagrammers to follow right now

This week I’m showing you my favourite Instagrammers based on their editing. To me, Instagram is like a live art gallery. For those who use editing apps or programmes, you know that it takes a lot of knowledge and work to get a picture just right. That is why I admire the following Instagrammers.Their editing is on point and just pure eye-candy.

[instagram-feed id=”445139967″]

I love Onyi’s editing style so much that I even bought her e-book to see if I can learn more about editing and improve my own pictures. I can definitely recommend it! Furthermore, the creativity and thought that goes into each shot is mindblowing. Inspiration to the max!

[instagram-feed id=”195934169″]

I recently discovered Jacqueline Mikuta‘s feed and I immediately fell in love. Her editing is beautiful but her pictures are also kind of ethereal. It’s like she was caught in the moment, unaware and naturally stylish. LOVE IT!

[instagram-feed id=”824975″]

Victoria’s feed was one of the first feeds I saw that awed me. In the time of all-white feed trends, I stumbled upon this gem that looks clean without sacrificing colour. As I was looking for a way to edit that would give my feed that exact clean look, I immediately got inspired by her feed.

[instagram-feed id=”1135597936″]

Finally, Pamsole’s feed finds a way to use white to create a cohesive theme without hurting your eyes. I’m impressed by her effective use of white space to create a visual narrative. She definitely has a creative eye. 

These were my 4 Stylish Instagrammers to follow for this week! Check back next week for 4 new must-follow accounts.

Xx, Dee

  • Lay

    This was a great post and those ladies have lovely instagram feeds. It’s so tricky to find the right theme, editing & photos that work well together and represent your brand. So Kudos to you and them!