Mother’s Day gift guide – 13 gift ideas

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I’m usually super late with getting a Mother’s Day gift because I just cannot decide what to get for my mother. I’m sure there are many like me out there, so to make it easier I made a shortlist with gift inspirations for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. I like to divide gifts into three categories: experiences, products and DIYs. All three categories offer great gifting opportunities, although experiences are usually more expensive, products are usually hard to decide on because of the huge amount of options.

Personally, I LOVE DIYs for any type of gift because it just brings that little personal extra to the gift. But, if you’re short on time experiences and products can be great and fun gifts to give. In the end, it’s the thought that counts.

Inspired? Shop your Mother’s Day gift here:


This is different in every country, but Groupon is a great way to get great experiences at an affordable price. From Spa packages, dinners to flight tickets. Groupon has something for every mother. They are also present in over 40 countries!

Check out Groupon in your own country and see what awesome experiences are available for you.


cluse watch, perfume, mother's day, stylememoires.comCustom made perfume
Buying a ready made perfume in the store can of course also be a great gift. But if you’re looking to add a little personal extra, creating a custom scent for your mother is a wonderful alternative. allows you to design a personal perfume online in a few easy steps. Bonus: they ship worldwide! Want a personalised perfume as your Mother’s Day gift? Get it here with a 10% discount!

Pandora Charm Bracelet
Charm bracelets are great gifts because they can be used to make past memories tangible, but since the charms can be bought separately you can always add new memories to your bracelet. Is your mother a fan of jewellery? If yes, a charm bracelet with charms of your favourite memories with her is the perfect gift!

A watch
As I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day post, watches are a timeless gift. I really believe they are the perfect accessories. My favourite watch brands have to be JORD wood watches and Cluse watches. Their watches are timeless and classy. Perfect Mother’s day gift really. If JORD of Cluse is a little outside of your budget, try finding similar styles at lower prices. TK Maxx offers good alternatives at nice prices.

Glamglow Youth-Mud
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Glamglow Muds. The tingling sensation when you just put it on, and the softness of your skin after a mud session is indescribable. I know my mother has been complaining about her newly found wrinkles, so I am certain the Glamglow Youth-mud will be a winner with her. Pampering and anti-aging treatment in one. Get it here!

Luxury scented candles
Luxury candles can be a gift on their own or given as part of a larger package. I have to say that in my house there is a slight addiction to candles both for their scent and their ability to make a space look classy. If all else fails, candles are a sure thing. Useful and beautiful! published a list of 10 scented candles to buy. Read it here.


As I said before, DIYs are my favourites because of the creativity and personal touch that comes into play. Here are some of my favourite DIY ideas.

Photo collage
A Mother’s Day gift cannot get any more personal and emotional than a collage of your favourite memories with your mother. Eternalise these memories in a DIYed collage or have them printed on a metal sheet for a special effect. Pinterest is a great place to get last minute collage ideas. Get inspired here.

DIY interior designs
Another great gift idea is DIY personalised interior pieces for your mother. A favourite of mine is a DIYed hanging terrarium with Tillandsia plants. Tillandsia plants do not need soil and are therefore perfect for hanging arrangements around the house. They also come in a variety of colours. Get Your Tillandsia on Ebay here.

DIY at home Spa basket
Finally, if you just can’t choose between gifting your mother an experience or products, you can opt to DIY your own at-home spa experience box. Combine the above-mentioned gifts, gift vouchers and DIYed products to your liking and create your own custom Mother’s Day gift basket.

I hope these ideas gave you inspiration on the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mother. How are you planning to put your mother in the sun for Mother’s Day? Let me know down in the comments!




  • Melanie Provencio

    As a mother, I would like any and all of these things! Great compilation.

    • Thank you! I hope you get all of them! My mother wants all of them too hahaha

  • Lakeesha Hargis

    This is a fantastic list! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for reading! Hope it inspired you <3